Sustainable agriculture for the future we want

How on earth are we going to feed 2 billion more people by 2050 as climate change depletes the land and water available? We will have to produce more food with fewer resources. The question is how. The European Union is developing its Common Agricultural Policy in ways that we believe are good for Europe, and good for the world: towards more sustainability in agriculture. Dacian Cioloş, EU-Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, and Andris Piebalgs, EU-Commissioner for Development, are closely working together to find solutions . This paper sets out what we are doing to promote sustainable agriculture and why, in both the EU and in developing countries. It is also a call to action. Leer artículo completo Sustainable agriculture for…

The Global Innovation Index 2015 Effective Innovation Policies for Development

Releasing the Global Innovation Index 2015: Effective Innovation Policies for Development We are pleased to present the 2015 Global Innovation Index (GII) with this year’s theme of ‘Effective Innovation Policies for Development’. Innovation-driven growth is no longer the preroga-tive of high-income countries alone. Developing coun-tries increasingly design policies intended to increase their innovation capacity. Innovation policies have taken different forms, depending on countries’ perceived needs; their impact has also varied across countries at similar levels of development. Certain developing countries have managed to continually improve their innovation inputs and outputs. Others still struggle. Leer artículo completo The Global Innovation Index 2015 Effective Innovation Policies for Development